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SHANGO is a GOD. In ancient Africa, Shango represents the God of War, Metals, Thunder, and Male Fertility. The power, the pain, the love felt when Shango’s music is listened to personifies the essence of these deific characteristics. Shango’s music is the TRUTH! It is a beautiful synthesis of all that has influenced this veteran performer, singer, and songwriter. You will hear the hiphop, the soul, the r’n’b, the reggae, and the mark of a true storyteller all over his debut album, Private Party. Shango refreshingly accomplishes something new and different, presenting all original tracks, touching on many different topics in a way that we all can relate to. Shango’s ragga rapping style immediately catches the ear and makes the head nod, while his compelling storytelling and conscious lyrics urges the few who can catch it, to think, reflect, and plan. His singing is soulful and harmonic, truly reflective of his musical influences. His ragga has a lovable roughness reminiscent of Cutty Ranks, Louie Rankin, and Supercat.


A former Tiki Entertainment artist, Shango has performed at many of the nightclubs in Hawaii, in the downtown Oahu area, to include Waikiki. Shango has performed at virtually every venue there. Just to name a few: World Café(now defunct), Volcanoes (as an opening act for Natural Vibrations), Blue Tropix (now defunct), Venus Nightclub, Red Lion Café, Bedrock Café, Ocean’s Nightclub, Philip Paulo’s Restaurant and Lounge, The Row Bar, Hawaiian Adventures Waterpark (as an opening act for Naughty By Nature, Lil Rob, and Angelina), the Waianae Youth Festival 2005, USO Car Club Car Show 2005, and many other large venues. Most notably, he performed at the Official MySpace Party at Pipeline Café in front of thousands. Shango has also performed at the Official Black and White Party at O Lounge and the Party Expo at the Neil Blaisdell Center. Shango has also opened for American Idol winner Camille Velasco at Pipeline Café and r’n’b artist Fiji. Shango is also featured on several albums to include Lowie Boy’s debut album “Of Love and Lust”, J-Bird of Tiki Entertainment’s “My Life”, Spookahuna’s “History In The Making: Vol. 1”, and both of Tiki Entertainment’s compilation projects “Revolution” and “Evolution”. Shango’s debut solo project “Private Party” was released in October 2007, and is currently available through ITunes, EMusic, and Rhapsody. “Private Party” showcases Shango’s many talents as producer, songwriter, singer, and engineer.


Shango is a veteran of the stage, and his overall presence and command of the audience during live performances rivals that of major performers. Shango, in that aspect, is more than just a music artist, he is an entertainer.


Shango’s rough ragga lyrics and street-wise content appeals greatly to young men from urban areas. Shango’s music is perfect for any venue which caters to a reggae, hip hop, or dancehall crowd. His musical style has also been found very popular amongst the college band scene. He also is found very appealing by women who enjoy his vocal singing style, and the pro-gentleman stance in his lyrics, and his character. Shango is known as incredibly approachable, and people quickly warm to his personality, humor, and winning smile, which he only flashes for people he feels are “genuine”.


To contact this artist for booking please call:

Rudeboy Riddimz

(336) 255-0042                               Email:


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